Jesus: The Perfect Servant

Not just perfect in Kingship but in Servantship(hood) too (Part 1)

When you tell a Christian that Jesus is the perfect King, nobody ever disagrees with you. He is without a doubt, as the bible puts it, the King of kings. But when you say, Jesus is the perfect Servant, you might get a few frowns. They just cannot quite put it into context. They will say, “Yes, I know He washed the disciples’ feet.” But the reality of that application of this truth is often than not lost. But we cannot disagree that He is. He was depicted in the Gospel of Mark as being a hardworking and genuine servant, to serve mankind with all his heart and soul, going about healing the sick, the blind, the lame, the possessed. He himself said He came to serve and not to be served. A statement with much more meaning packed into than it takes to imagine. So let me ask you, when I ask, “Who or what to you is the perfect servant?” Without having Christ in your mind, list down all those qualities and thereafter ask yourself, “Do I really believe that Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords is what I just described and willing to go all these extra miles just for me?”


Old verses in the Meditate on section… Luke 5:13

Luke 5:13 (part)
“I am willing.”

The leper asked if Jesus was willing to heal him. There was no doubt at all about Jesus’ ability, but the leper was not sure if his sins warranted him to be continue to be unwell. There is no self justification on his part to get healed but he was not sure about the willingness of Christ. I know you have read this before, maybe many times across different gospels. But you just browsed through these verse because it was so anti-climatic, but today, take some time to just really digest these 3 words which Jesus replied him, “I AM WILLING.” He is willing to be your shield, your health, your supply, your faith, your creativity. At your lowest of times, and you ask God, “Lord, I am crushed, will you help me?” His response will be sure and strong. “Son, Daughter, I am willing.”

Old verses in the Meditate on section… 2 Corinthians 5:21

2 Corinthians 5:21
God made him who knew no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

Beloved, Christ’s sacrifice has given you righteous standing before God. This is true! But look above and you will see that the verse does not stop at saying you become righteous. (which is more than sufficient) It says you have become NOW the righteousness of God in Christ. This is huge! The writer does not leave you in a position to even think you can be non righteous before God. Why? Because it says this righteousness is of God. You cannot convince yourself that your righteous standing can be lost because to do that, you will need to arm-twist the verse above to think that way. God’s righteousness is eternally righteous. Period.

Old verses in the Meditate on section… 2 Timothy 1:7

2 Timothy 1:7
God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Erase your thoughts that God is against you and that you are to fear Him. The Holy Spirit’s role in you is not be get you frightened of the Father, but to remind you of the power and love which you have are now are because of Christ. I am glad added the last phase about ‘a sound mind’. When you have no fear due to His perfect love, your mind is sure to be sound and assured.

Does God Help Those Who Help Themselves?

We know the answer to this question. The often mentioned statement that God only helps those who help themselves is of course not found in the Bible. However, the person who made this line famous, Benjamin Franklin, is not altogether a legalistic minded believer also. So is there a grain of truth to this question?

It is not because it is not found in the Bible, but that it we were to help ourselves, most likely we will mess up whatever God is trying to help us with either. Paul mentioned in Romans 5 that while we were helpless, absolutely clueless and weak, Jesus died for us. Man was so lost they did not even know they needed a Saviour. God did not wait for us to say we are sorry, but gave our Provision before we even asked or imagined. This is the awesome message of grace.

God helped the ones (you and I) who could not have helped themselves. Note that I used the word ‘helpED’ in the past tense. It was done. It was finished. However, to interpret that this message of grace equates to you getting rich automatically by sitting at a couch watching TV everyday is not true. I always hear opponents of this wonderful message of grace say, “so you mean I just do nothing and everything will happen?”

Well, they are waiting for me to say, “no” and they will pounce to say that I have to do something. So let me just conclude to say 1. God has helped while we were lost. 2. It is not you doing but Christ in you who performs the work. 3. When you (help yourself by changing your mind to) believe in Christ and his promises, his grace will teach you to let Him work through you wondrous works.

Benjamin Franklin would have been right if he said, “God helped those who could not help themselves, but they themselves can help themselves by aligning their beliefs (not works) in the promises of God.”

Reigning in Life

Child of God, you are righteous, because the price for your redemption has been fully paid. With this gift of righteousness and the abundance of grace, you will be able to reign in life.

When you reign in life, you are above and not beneath
When you reign in life, curses cannot prevail
When you reign in life, sickness cannot
When you reign in life, stress cease to exist
When you reign in life, every challenge becomes a stepping stone to a greater platform
When you reign in life, He is glorified
When you reign in life, sin cannot have dominion
When you reign in life, every good thing comes your way because you are speaking words of life and truth

The Finished Stand 2nd Anniversary

This blog is started to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of The Finished Stand being published. What is The Finished Stand about? It is about the finished work of Jesus on the Christ which translates to our right standing before God. This is an awesome revelation which is yet to be fully understood and appreciated. But for now, whether you are new in Christ or already established in Christ, you can still grab a copy of The Finished Stand and just be amazed at how our God constantly and faithfully keeps covenant with each one of us. More details coming up soon…